Friday, July 18, 2014

My Nintendo Sketches

Recently I bought the Nintendo Wii U and I just turned into such a big fan Nintendo. I just had to do this Fannart. I hope you enjoy.

It's everyone's favorite plumber, plus Peach and Pikachu.

Maria once again


Lastly, Link from the legend of Zelda

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Pimp and the Paper Boy

The Pimp and the Paperboy

Published By Michael Gutierrez

Copyright by Michael Gutierrez, 2014

All rights reserved

Made in the U.S.A

Table of Contents

What is next?

Name is Mickey Jones; I am the hardest working kid in the block. My mom worked in the Dude Gum factory, but she got sick, so it’s my job to support us now. I work most of the time next to the massive Grook National Bank tower, selling news paper for the Hardwood Post. I’m a 13 year old paperboy that lives in Hardwood California, you know the stupid town with all of those nightclubs and pot head hipster.
There is the famous Hardwood library you may know about. How I distinguish Hardwood is from its mysteries past, the time when the legendry detectives walk the streets, the same detectives that inspired the pulp novels of the 40,s and 50,s.
It is a shame I do not have time to read any of those great novels, or really doing anything anymore, since I’m always working for the Hardwood Post as their paper boy. The only thing I ever really read is all nonsense in Hardwood Posts, during my lunch break. The comic section is great, but the rest of it is brain washing garbage. To me it makes real sense why Hardwood Post symbol is the Judaist goat.
I mostly sell papers in the business district of Hardwood.
A young business man walk up to me, he asked for a copy of the Hardwood Post. He had a nice black suit with a red tie and an American flag button on the right side of his chest.
Business man: Hey kid, hand me a copy of the paper. I need to check stock market; also I need to see how my secret girl friend is doing.
Mickey: Yes sir.
The Business man looks a little bit stone, but whatever that is his life.

Business man: Ha, do you believe that Kathy Marsh, is going back to rehab again, that ho. One week she is family friendly, next week she is crazy party girl. She is still a good looking babe to me, even though the drugs aged her face up.
Mickey: I don’t have an opinion on the gossip articles.
Business man: Bro, it is on the front page.
Mickey: Of course it is.
Business man: So, kid anyways do you shin shoes too, or what?
Mickey: No, could you leave me alone now sir.
Business man: I’m sorry if I sounded rude at first kid. I just need to look good for my first day in the business district. My father Mark Flex and I are going to take over this town.
Mickey: You are in the Flex family?
Mickey remembers hearing about the Flex family years ago on talk radio, when his mother would drive him to school every morning.
Mark Jr.: Yup I am his only son, Mark Jr. I’ve ran Flex Family Charitable Trust Foundation and H W Church, for at least five years. Now my father wants me to work for him with the big boy’s. Who knows I may be the mayor in ten years.
Mickey: Who would vote for you? Your whole family is a bunch of criminals.
Mark Jr.: What no we are not criminal’s, kid.
Mickey: For one, your family founded Hitler in his first three years of his dictatorship. Second, Family charitable trust Foundation keeps 80% of the donations. Finally third, the Flex Family hides 20% of their money in fake donations to H W Church, so they could avoid the IRS.
Mark Jr.: Slander kid, it is all slander.
Mickey: Depends if it is true or not. I heard it on the radio years ago.
Mark Jr.: The public radio has a bunch of lies. Why do you think the government shut it down?
Mickey: Do you want me to say the parts I know about you.
Mark Jr.: I got to go kid, have a…whatever day.
It is best for me to ignore people when I’m working. Ignoring people makes time go
slower, but yet it gives me less stress. It doesn’t anyways because when the clock strikes 6:00pm the stress falls off my back. I run fastest as I can back home, so a druggy will not bother me. My home is in most rundown part of town, Grump Avenue. My apartment number thirty three on the second floor.
When I enter the house I come in silently because I don’t want to scare my mom and make here think a thug is breaking in. She has a very dreadful heart condition. Ok I’m in the apartment now.
Mickey: Hello, mom your son is home
A short man with a bold head and a full bread walk out of my room. He had a name tag that said Agent Kevin hanging out side of his white dress shirt.
Agent Kevin: Great, Mick is finally here. It’s nice to see you for the first time.
Mickey: Who the heck are you?
Agent Kevin: Oh don’t fear I work for the government Mick. I came here to help and see you if you are ok and protected.
Mickey: Everything is great Kevin, you could leave now.
Agent Kevin: No that is not true, I was alerted from you medical provider that your mother has been coming in for heart problems. I am sorry it was taken me a week to get to you. My job is always busy and booked up.
Mickey: Where is she, Kevin?
Agent Kevin: She is sleeping in her bedroom.
Mickey: Then why in the hell were you in my room?
Agent Kevin: I was just checking if you had any M-rated video games or drugs I could write your mother up for.
Mickey: Everything is ok.
Agent Kevin: No, Everything is not ok Mick. When I went to go make myself a sandwich in your kitchen, I notice you guys hardly have any food to eat.
Mickey: Get out, or I am calling the cops!
Agent Kevin: Hey-Hey you must be on drugs you look very stress out.
Mickey: Stupid, you probably hurting my mom’s heart coming in here, talking about this crap.
Agent Kevin: I have another appointment to go in ten minutes anyways; also by the way Mick… I could go could inside your house any time I want.
Mickey walks up to the front door and pointed out to the exit for agent Kevin. Agent Kevin walks out with a sick grin and slams the door with a loud bang.
Mickey: Idiot.
My mother called me to go into her cramp bed room.
Mother: Why were you so mean to that man, Mickey?
Mickey: Your sickness is none of his business mom. I am in charge bringing in the money now.
Mother: Did your boss Mr. Richards pay you this week.
Mickey: Oh ah, no not yet. Mr. Richards did not have any cash on him the last time I have seen him. I hate when he does that because the Hardwood Post is right across the street from Grook Bank. I get that he is a busy guy, but how hard is it to run down the street and grab my money from an ATM.
Mother: I hope you don’t give Mr. Richards any lip. You are super lucky he even hired you, since they stop the paper boy job in the 1960’s. Plus your check is going to be super big when you get it for waiting for so long.
Mickey: I would work some were else, but I am too young and child labor laws stuff!
Mother: Calm down, you need to be less negative
Mickey: The land lord does not care. He just wants his freaking money now.
Mother: The land lord gave us another week Mickey. He is more focus to sell the old apartment.
Mickey: Ok, good than because I was terrified to tell you that I did not have the money. I hope the new land lord will fix the place up and lower the cost.
Mother: Ha, that would be great. I have to go back to sleep now, good night honey.
Mickey: Mom, do you want me to microwave you a TV dinner, before you go back to sleep.
Mother: No Thanks, babe.
Mickey: Wait mom, I have one question before you nap off. When am I going back to school again?
Mother: I am not sure honey, maybe when I get better and could go back to work at the factory. Dude Gum has my job on hold until I get better.
Mickey: I can’t go back to Hardwood middle school because it got condemn last month and is it going to be turn into to a dumb night club. The only other school in Hardwood is some private school in the hills.
Mother: I thought you hated school anyways. Did you tell me once school just tells you how to think instead of how to learn?
Mickey: Yah, but I do miss my buddies Grant and Kenny.
Mother: Aware six months of heck will end soon Honey.
4:00am, the morning at the Hardwood Post building I shown up to see Mr. Richards at his Office. He was wearing his two thousand dollar suit today with his two dollar hundred sunglasses in his breast pocket. I hope he remembers my name when I go talk to him. Now we make eye contact and now we talk.
Mickey: Hello Mr. Richards, I have some issues about my payments.
Mr. Richards: If you have any problems and or question for me, I would like it written and mailed to me. I do not accept emails or texts for any business related reasons.
Mickey: Oh sorry Mr. Richards was not aware of this new rule. I just have to talk to you about me not getting my money for three weeks.
Mr. Richards: Young man, I just told you I would like it to be mailed to me and I will get to you next week.
Mickey: Yah I now, but I need to know this now. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, I just got lots of bills to pay and food to buy.
Mr. Richards: Listen kid I call all the shots in this place. I’m the one running this operation, ok. I pay you when I want to pay you, alright.
Mickey: You could pay me like right now! You must have eleven hundred dollars on your money clip in your back pocket.
Mr. Richards: That is all my personal money.
Mickey: Does it even matter? You own the Hardwood Post, Mr. Richards.
Mr. Richards: Kid do you know I legally don’t ever have to pay because you’re not in contract. Now buzz off, your shift is about to start in an hour.
Mickey: Why Mr. Richards, are you not paying me?

Mr. Richards: Ha ok, is it true on the 16th last month you skip to deliver the Sunday paper to Bluff Street.
Mickey: Yes sir, I was the one to report that mistake, also on the next day on my own time I delivered all the Sunday papers to Bluff Street.
Mr. Richards: Did you know two Hardwood Post subscriptions were canceled at Bluff Street because of your mistake.
Mickey: What?
Mr. Richards: That is why I am not paying you because you’re working off the money the Hardwood Post lost. You will start seeing payment next week.
Mickey: I really don’t know what to say.
Mr. Richards: The only reason I did not fire you is that you were honest and you reported yourself.
Mickey: Mr. Richards, I am going back to work my shift is going to start.
Mr. Richards: That’s great.
I was heartbroken and angry. My stupid job was hanging on a string, so it is best just to stop talking. It is all bull crap; the Hardwood Post is losing subscriptions by the hundreds every single day from tablet and internet. I feel like I am going to throw up and pass out. I need that money for me and my mom to stay out of the street. Where going be homeless if I don’t fix this money problem. Oh no that goon agent Kevin going to take me away from my mom.
Mickey: This sucks.
Today once again I was selling the Hardwood Post in front of Grook National Bank. I was just too enraged to scream out extra, extra read all about a thousand times this morning, plus they don’t pay me enough to do that, or rather they don’t pay me at all. I’m just too angry to say anything at all really. Good thing I have time to rest, things are slow until 6:00am.
Mickey: Gosh.
Right now, 4:30am the street is dark and empty, no people around to bug me. Until I see a yellow taxi dashing across the street parking right next to me. A black am jumps up from the back of the taxi asking me if knew who is Mark Jr. He had a cheetah dress shirt, black slacks and red fedora with yellow sun glasses. I have never seen someone dress, so cheesy in my life.

Mickey: Yes I know of him, why? Who are you?
MD: Call me MD and answer all my question first little man.
He shoved hundred bucks in my pocket and a couple of Dude Gums to. He seems dangerous, but I want more of his money.
Mickey: I could help you find him.
MD: Alright little man, I need to find that fool fast as possible. I got a text that he works at Cook Bank.
Mickey: You mean Grook National Bank the big building behind me, right.
MD: Yah, my bad.
Both me and MD look at the front door of Grook National Bank and see black suit security guard.
MD: Oh crap they have arm security. How do we get in we need to get in.
Mickey: Relax man; we just say we want to us the bath room. I do that all the time when I work here. The security here is not that strict MD.
MD: Ok we will go in a sec; I just need to check a message notifications from Dig it or shit
Dig it or shit
Text Chat
94 minutes ago MD @MD69: Get Ready to... you know Jenny.
89 minutes ago MD @MD69: Meet a man name Mark Jr. Flex at the Jail House Night club. He is young and rich ;D.
85 minutes ago Jenny Jims @JennyJ: Rich and young my favorite, LOL.
70 minutes ago MD @MD69: Mark Jr. is new in town show him a good time.
50 minutes ago Jenny Jims @JennyJ: Boring rich guy.
40 minutes ago Jenny Jims @JennyJ: Hey MD could you get me out here, Mark Jr. is such creep.
33 minutes ago Jenny Jims @JennyJ: OMG. Hurry up this guy is out his mind. Go to Grook National Bank that’s where he taken me.
30 minutes ago Jenny Jims @JennyJ: He is on acid now; he really thinks I am that nasty
TV actress Kathy Marsh. I do not take that as compliment.
27 minutes ago MD @MD69: I am on my ok.
25 minutes ago Jenny Jims @JennyJ: Please hurry he is making me play with knifes. He is screaming help.
19 minutes ago MD @MD69: I coming ok Jenny, don’t call the cops.
15 minutes ago MD @MD69: Jenny Girl.
10 minutes ago MD @MD69: Jenny Girl Jenny Girl.
7 minutes ago MD @MD69: Jenny Girl Jenny Girl Jenny Girl Jenny Girl.
MD: Oh Crap, girl please respond.
Mickey: You ready to go inside and look for Mark Jr.?
MD: Let’s go.
It looks like MD is having twice of a bad day as me. On our way walking to Grook Bank’s main entrance, MD grabs his phone from his pants and smashes it on the concrete floor.
Security Officer: Hello boys what is going?
MD: I need to take a piss, let me in the building.
Security Officer: I don’t know if I should let you in because you just broke a phone on our property.
Mickey: Oh come on you let me in every morning. We both need to use the bath room.
Security Officer: Hey what is up Mickey? You know this guy Mickey?
Mickey: Yah, Yah, this guy knows Mark Flex Jr.
Security Officer: Really. This does not look like Mark Flex Jr. regular drug dealer. The Dealer already came four hours ago.
MD: Hey listen security guy, am no drug dealer. Let me in or I’m going to get Mark Flex Jr. to fire your ass.
Security Officer: Ok-ok, get in guys.
Mickey: Thanks buddy, hey anyways what floor and room number is Mark Flex Jr. office in?
Security Officer: Floor 56.

MD and I dash away from security officer to the nearest elevator.

New Friends and Enemies

Both I and MD enter the elevator to floor 56 to see Mark Jr. for some reason. I hope I get another hundred bucks from MD for helping him get in to the bank.
MD: How do you know Mark Flex Jr.?
Mickey: He buys the morning paper from me sometimes. Why?
MD: I just want to know if you’re close to him because things may not go so well between the both of us.
Mickey: Hold up, you’re not going to kill the guy.
MD: No-no I am here to save my co-work. She is being held against her will.
Mickey: Oh no, why don’t you go call the cops.
MD: I thought you already could tell.
Mickey: What?
MD: I’m an old school pimp. Did you not notice my gold tooth?
Mickey: Oh, I thought pimps were no more, just in the movies. I thought you were some type of hipster that likes the smell of funk.
MD: Heck no man, I’m no hipster like you. All costume up like it is 1945 selling news papers.
Mickey: It’s a work uniform MD.
MD: Secretly I bet you like dressing all vintage Mickey because no other kid does the paperboy thing. You’re trying to start some under rated paperboy fad.
Mickey: No really, selling newspapers is my job.
MD: Ok man I believe you, I am just busting your balls.

Suddenly the elevator stops moving and the door opens; MD’s smile disappears off his face and is replaces with a serious demeanor.
MD: Ok cool down kid and let’s sneak in Mark’s office.
Mickey: Alright.
No Grook workers have shown up yet, since it still way too early in the morning. All the way down the hall we both see, Mark Flex Jr. name label on a red wood door.
Mickey: MD.
MD: Yah.
Mickey: Please don’t hurt this guy.
We both sprinted down red wood door. MD knocks down the door with his left foot. I punch it with my right hand. Now we both lay are eyes on Mark Flex Jr. dress as a yellow baby duck. He had a strange drug out face. His eyes look like they’re going to pop out.
MD: Where’s the Girl! Man.
Mickey: Why are you dress up as the Grook Bank duck mascot?
In every Grook Bank television commercial they have a mommy duck and her three little babies. In one commercial I remember, the family of ducks would walk up to an ATM. Then the cutest of the baby ducks, would fly up to the ATM dashboard and deposit two dollars its account. The whole duck family all at once would say “We trust Croo-Cro-Gro-Crook, Grook Bank”.
Mark Jr.: Paper boy nice to see you again. Could you guys help little old me? I’m trying to start a hellish fire.
Mark Jr. has two large steak knives held in his hands, rubbing them together.
Mickey: What are you doing with those knives?
Mark Jr.: Dude I already told you. I’m rubbing them together to start a fire. Sadly it is not working well. The thing is happening is annoying cling noise from the knives.
MD: Where is Jenny?
Mark Jr.: Oh, my new girl friend. She is in the women rest room hiding from me. I would go in there, but I can’t go because I am a duck boy you know. Quack!
MD: Mickey, watch this drugged up duck, I am going to get Jenny.
Mark Jr.: Wait I have questions for you guys too. Quack!

MD ran into the women’s restroom and sees Jenny hiding behind the last bathroom stall. Jenny sees MD and runs into his arm crying.
Jenny: What taken you so fucking long MD.
MD: Why did you stop messaging me Jenny? I was super worried for you I thought you died.
Jenny: I’m sorry, my cell phone ran out of battery power and I forgot to bring my charger.
MD: It’s not your fault shit happens.
Jenny: Is that creepy guy still out there MD? I’m still trembling in fear.
MD: Hey relax me and my new have this taken care of. It’s all good and calm. We will get out of here, I’ll drive back home so you could get some sleep, then after that we will get some grub at your favorite place, Chubby Chicken and all the girls will be there.
Jenny looks into MD eyes and he says.
MD: What is wrong Jenny?
Jenny: I’m so sorry; I didn’t know think you were going to save me on time.
MD: NO-no you didn’t.
Jenny: Please don’t hate me… I called the cops.
MD: Jenny I can’t believe you did that. Shit we got to get out of here! Let’s go.
MD and Jenny walk out of to the hall and sees Mickey fighting with Mark J.
MD: I thought you had this taken care of Mickey.
Mickey: Guys help me, he as a flaming cocktail in his hand. He is trying to burn this place down.
Mark Jr.: My butler lets me burn anything that I want, quack ha-ha.
MD: Let him Mickey, the police are coming. Let’s go unless you want to get shoot up with holes Mickey.
Mickey lets go of Mark J. arm and runs to the elevator with Jenny and MD. Mark J. lights up another cocktail and smashes it in the office across from his own. The fire spread all over hall way looking like a lake of fire.
Mark J.: Quack burn. Baby where are you going Jenny? Burn and get F up with me please,
quack. Please don’t leave me alone.
Jenny: Eat me Mark!
We got away from Grook bank when floor 56 burn to a miserable crisp. The police showed up just in time to save Mark Jr. from burning to death, plus lucky for him the baby duck custom was acutely fire resistant, though sadly five cops died trying to save that crazy goons life.
Of course the Hardwood Post didn’t publish anything about Mark Jr. drug up massacre in the next day. The Flex Family’s powerful lawyers and their payoffs made sure of that. Instead Hardwood Post published, on their front page a story about how the Flex Family Charitable Trust Foundation fundraised $55,000 dollars for intercity children that are blind. Just remember the Flex family keeps 80% of the donor’s money.
Anyways, The Flex Family did a great job buying off all the main stream media outlets, but in the internet not so great. Probably, must be way harder to bribe an internet blogger.

Dig it or shit
(Who saw the fire at Grook Bank?)
1:40 am minutes ago Chad Hammers @ ChadH17: Why in heck is Grook Bank burning.
1:48 am minutes ago Melvin F@ Melvin10: Maybe it was terrorist that did it Chad.
3:45 am minutes ago Kevin Lopez@ Agent1K: Scary stuff. I could see the fire from my house. OMG.

3:50 am minutes ago Chad Hammers @ChadH17: I heard the fire is fault of brat son of the crazy rich Flex family. The story go’s Mark Jr. got all drug up and burn shit up.
4:00 am minute ago Pete Richards@Richards34: What, that is all Bull crap.
4:27am minutes ago MD @MD69: It happened like that man. I know because I was near bye.
4:34am minutes ago AD @DudeGum: Hey boys and men this week only, all of our gum is 5% off when you walk in the store with a manly wife beater and a nice good cold one. Man up and buy are gum, it’s an order.
4:39am minutes ago Jenny Jims @JennyJ: It is true; Mark Jr. tried to burn down Grook
Bank. He is a stupid spoiled, rich boy, loser.
4:50am minutes ago AD @DudeGum: The Dude Gum company is glad to announce we just donated $1,500 to the Flex Family Charitable Trust Foundation.
5: 04am minutes ago Chucky Chicken AD @Chucky Chicken: We are happy to announce donated $2,000 to Flex Family Charitable Trust Foundation.
5:30am minutes ago Hardwood Police Department @Hardwood PD: All of us in the Department saved up $400 to give to the great Flex Family charitable trust Foundation.
5:55am minutes ago Hardwood Post @Hardwood P: The Flex Family Charitable Trust Foundation started taking donation this morning. In the first five hours, $3,900 has been made. If you want to read more about this article go to Hardwood
6:15am minutes ago Grook National Bank @GNBank: For the last sixty years Grook National Bank has Flex Family been good to us. Now we will pay them back. We just pledge $40,000 to Flex Family Charitable Trust Foundation.
MD is a little somewhat shady, but he has the fast money that I need. When MD and Jenny were waiting for the bus to take them away, I ask MD what is next.
MD: Why are you still here Mickey?
Mickey: I want a second job with you MD.
MD: Ha, kid I’m a pimp just for college women.
Jenny: MD, maybe you will need Mickey because I’m to stress out after today, plus my midterm coming up next week.
Mickey: No, I don’t want to be one of your hookers. I am saying I want to be like a co worker pimp.
MD: There is no such thing as co pimp Mickey. I think the term you’re trying to say is head bitch.
Mickey: Ok whatever, I need a new job that pays..
MD: What are you like seven years old? How could a Paperboy help me?
Mickey: I don’t know, maybe I could do all of your grunt work. I will do all the behind the scene stuff. You could trust me because I have taken honors classes, when I went to school.
MD: You know you’re really selling me on this idea, just one thing.

Mickey: What’s that?
MD: Never call any of my girls a hooker ever again, ok do you understand.
Mickey: My bad.
MD: Another thing, never call the cops for help ever.
Jenny: Hey I said I was sorry about that MD, I did not think you would find me.
MD: Jenny, how much cash did you get?
Jenny: Oh man, I forgot to get Mark Jr. to pay me.
MD: Please Jenny, tell me you stole his wristwatch at least or this whole morning was a just a big and dangerous bust.
Jenny: Nope.
MD: Shit, Jenny you’re on a role today. Luckily I’m too sleepy to be mad at you, plus I’m glad you’re alive.
Jenny: Sorry, MD.
Mickey: How do I keep in contact with you guys?
MD: I do not take phone calls or texts for safety reasons. Sign up on Dig it or shit, to stay in contact. My username is MD @MD69, I want you to check it every hour because a job could pop up out of nowhere. I’m on the street looking for new client every minute day and night.
Mickey: Ok great, I’ll start an account as soon my work shift is over.
Jenny: Hey add me too Mickey, I’m Jenny Jims @JennyJ. Oh, by the way don’t look at my profile photos.
Mickey: Ok, Thanks guys.
Even though the job was a bust, MD still handed me another hundred bucks. My mom and I are going to eat this week because of MD. I still don’t have the amount to pay for the apartment yet, but I will.
For the rest of the day in front of the burning Grook, I was selling news papers to firefighters and cops Bank. I have never made, so much money selling news paper in my career. Everything felt good until I went back home to talk to my mom. I went right back to feeling like shit.
Mom: Mickey, Mickey!

Mickey: What is wrong mom why do you look, so frightened?
Mom: Mickey, agent Kevin came back again when you were at work.
Mickey: I hate that guy so much.
Mom: He knows you have not attended school for months, this is killing me Mickey.
Mickey: Please don’t tell me he knows I have a job, mom. That would be the last nail for us, Mom.
Mom: No Mickey, he…
Mickey: Calm down mom, your heart.
Mom: Agent Kevin gave me a fine of $5,000 dollars because you haven’t been going to school.
As soon as she said that, I ran outside the apartment, screaming and crying like a little lunatic. I could not let my mom see me being weak. Now I and my mom are even deeper in the hole. Unless I want to be an orphan, I need to get back in touch with MD for a new job as fast as possible. I can’t let these stupid idiots in my life push me anymore, if I was like a freaking bug.
Mickey: I need to go to Hardwood library!


Anime Fan Boy

I couldn’t go to sleep last night, ever since my mom told me she was fined $5,000 dollars by the government, for me not attending school. The next morning before work, I headed to the Hardwood library to use their computer, so I could contact MD. I log into my Dig it or shit profile.
Dig it or shit
Text Chat

95 minutes ago MD @MD69: Hello Mickey answer I got a job for you. It’s time to pimp dude. I found a client near the Hardwood Convention Center, some type of nerd con.
90 minutes ago MD @MD69: Mickey Answer! Don’t fuck this up. Answer now!
85 minutes ago MD @MD69: You’re killing me Mickey. Reply now you I trusted you Mickey.
80 minutes ago MD @MD69: Answer! Answer! Answer! Answer! Answer!
45 minutes ago MD @MD69: Your making me really mad you know.
30 minutes ago MD @MD69: If we lose this client you’re gone, Mickey.
15 minutes ago MD @MD69: Answer. This nerdy guy is a tourist. Tourists have a lot of money to spend, don’t forget that.
Now minutes ago Mickey Jones @MickeyJ: I’m sorry MD. I don’t have a smart phone, so I have to use the Hardwood library computers.
Now minutes ago MD @MD69: Ok whatever. I need you to a go to a custom store in downtown and buy a Japanese school girl outfit and octopus custom.
Now minutes ago Mickey Jones @MickeyJ: Ok MD you got.
Now minutes ago MD @MD69: Mickey you seem like a smart kid and a hard worker just, please don’t make me lose trust in you, ok man. The client name is Kenny; he is really fat you can’t miss him.
Now minutes ago Mickey Jones @MickeyJ: I won’t F up MD. Am I going to work with Jenny for this job?

Now minutes ago MD @MD69: No, you’re working with Kim, she is China girl. I only have two employees, Kim and Jenny. Now Mickey, hurry up and rent the costume and get your butt to the convention center.
Now minutes ago Mickey Jones @MickeyJ: Alright, on my way boss.

First I jam to Clown co custom store, then taken the bus meet up with Kim at the Hard Wood Convention Center. Soon as walk out of the bus I saw her. It looks like she didn’t get any sleep last night either.
Mickey: Hello, your Kim.
Kim: You must be Mickey; MD told me all about you online. You’re a lot shorter than thought.
Mickey: Where is MD Kim? Is he in the shadows watching over us?
Kim: He’s probably asleep in his car, knowing him. He’s such a stupid man.
Mickey: I’m guessing you’re a college student too, like Jenny.
Kim: Yes I’m studying at Hard Wood University, freshmen.
Mickey: Oh, cool. What are you studying Kim.
Kim: My major is drone engineering and my minor is in women advancement. Both fields are rapidly growing in this country.
Mickey: Is being prostitute women advancement.
Kim: My professor Mr. Hugo Davis told me it is good to explore.
Mickey: I see. Here is your costume Kenny requested for you to wear.
I handed Kim her Japanese school girl outfit, she didn’t look, so happy when she saw the costume.
Mickey: What’s wrong?
Kim: Not another guy with an asian school girl thing. MD should just freaking buy the outfit already instead of renting it all the time.
Mickey: Where is Kenny?
Kim: He’s inside the convention center listening to a lecture about some anime.
Mickey: I’m sorry I was late, Kim.

Kim: It’s ok. You got a Smokey’s for me. I need to a stress release.
Mickey: No.
Kim: For now on, Mickey, I want you to have a box of Smokey cigarettes for me in every job. Don’t get me filtered, ok.
Mickey: What am I your water boy?
A fat man saw both of us on the sidewalk ran down to meet, it must be Kenny. He was dress up as some type of fat yellow ninja with a toy laser sword.
Kenny: Hey, Kim is the cosplays finally here?
Mickey: I got them Mr. Kenny.
Kenny: Who’s this rug rat?
Mickey: I’m a pimp.
Kenny: You’re MD?
Mickey: No, I’m his co pimp. My name is Mickey it’s nice to meet you.
Kim: Kenny you’re ready to go to the hotel and you know?
Kenny: Yah, the convention about to end. Let’s go year really sucked anyways, I didn’t even find any rare video games. It’s good to go now. Kim can’t wait to see you in your Japanese school girl cosplay. Mickey could you show me my squid cosplay.
Mickey: I’m sorry, I was told to get an octopus costume.
Kenny: Octopus? Dam, I clearly ask for squid. Shit!
Kim: Kenny, baby let’s go I can’t wait. I need a man in my life.
Kenny: Yes-yes alright Kim. Mickey, don’t hold your breath for a tip from me.
Mickey: I apologies Mr. Kenny.
Kenny: Mistakes like that get you killed in my country.
So far Kenny is less of a scumbag than Mark Jr. Flex. I really hope Kim was wrong about MD sleeping in his car because I can’t protection both of us.
Kenny: I hope the taxi isn’t late like you were Mickey.
Kim: What cartoon character you dress up as Kenny?
Kenny: I’m dress as an anime character not cartoon they completely different thing. Like
how you’re pretending to be Japanese and you’re clearly chines, or how Mickey got a octopus cosplay instead of a squid!
Mickey: I said I’m sorry Mr. Kenny.
I just want to run up to Kenny and punch his double chin face off right now. How could Kim and Jenny deal with these scumbag guys every day.
Kenny: Anyways, I’m dress as Zing Ding from my favorite anime and mange series “The Legend Ninja Power Out”.
Mickey: Oh cool, I like “Zero Fu King Ultra”. Have you seen it Mr. Kenny. It’s a still a pretty new show.
Kenny: That anime is stupid because the only good anime was made in the 1980’s through 1990’s.
Mickey: The Customer is always right, ha.
Ok, once again MD book a nut case, hopefully this guy has the some cash. The taxi finally arrived and all three of us went inside. I’m just going to stop taking. This guy is such nerdy dork that thinks he’s the hottest shit.
Taxi Driver: Where you guys heading? Oh Kim hello nice to see you again.
Kim: Hey how’s it going?
Taxi Driver: I’m guessing Rust Motel as usual.
Kim: Yes.
Kenny: No-no I don’t want to go to nasty American motel with no color television. Take us to Wayne Craft Hotel. That’s where I’m staying at anyways.
Taxi Driver: Kim has an ever take you to a five star hotel before.
Kim: Not in a long time.
Kenny: I have never been in a taxi before.
Taxi Driver: Oh really, where are you from stranger?
Kenny: For security reason I could not tell you.
Kim: Does it really matter? You already told me Kenny baby.
Kenny: Whatever fine, all I will say is I’m a son of a powerful communist in China. Me and my dad are in town to withdraw are gold from Grook Bank.
Taxi Driver: I heard there was a fire at Grook tower the other day.
Kenny: That’s right. The second we heard about the fire we both went on our private jet down to Hardwood. I and my father don’t trust are gold in this miserable little town no more, no offensive.
Taxi Driver: Hardwood’s not so bad, have you been to any of our famous nightclubs yet?
Kenny: No I don’t care for that. I like to just play online MMO gaming all night instead.
Did I hear Kenny right gold he has gold, what! Ok, today could be a jackpot. I was wrong about MD he is good at finding clients.
Taxi Driver: Alright guys were here.
Kim: Wow this place looks great.
Mickey: This place is truly five stars.
This was high end of the high. Its great get out the gang infested streets for second and hang out somewhere nice.
Taxi Driver: Wait, hold up Kenny you forgot to pay me man!
Kenny: You should find it to be honor to drive me around.
Taxi Driver: What the heck you communist bastard. Pay me now!
Kenny: You’re welcome to call the police. See what happens if you call the police I dare you because they’re not going to touch me.
Taxi Driver: This is crap! Kim I hope you get MD to pay me instead soon, I’m not a free ride.
Kim: I will contact him as soon as can, I promise.
Kenny: Let’s go now to my room, leave that man alone.
Kim: Yes babe.
Kenny is out of his mind, I take back what I thought, before MD has the worst taste in clients. If this rich dude thinks he’s too big to pay a taxi man, what’s stopping him from skipping to pay us? This is a red flag; I sense he’s a life risk.
Kenny: Pimp, stay down in the lobby you’re not welcome on my floor.
Mickey: I can’t Mr. Kenny, am Kim’s Pimp. I have to keep her safe.
Kenny: She will be safe with me Mickey. The only person in the whole floor is my father
and our secret service.
Kim: Wow Kenny you rented a whole floor, that’s bitching
Mickey: No deal Mr. Kenny, go away and play your online gaming.
Kim: Mickey, stop saying this stuff, this guy is a big high roller.
Mickey: Let’s get out here I’m calling the shots Kim. This guy is a crazy bum.
Kenny: Strew you guys! You’re going to regret this soon don’t forget it! I have powerful friends you know, stupid kid. I all ways get my way in the end.
I could not let Kim be in such great danger. Kenny seems way too dangerous to me. MD won’t be, so happy this job was a bust; I hope he won’t fire me for doing what I did. Kim looks like is going to kill me. She told me she hates me on when were waiting for the bus at the bus stop.
Kim: I hate you Mickey!
Mickey: I did what I had to do to keep you safe Kim.
Kim: I skipped a big women advancement test to do this job. Do you know that Mickey? I need money to pay for my college as fast as possible. $80,000 a semester does not pay for its self.
Mickey: I’m not going to apologies because I did the right thing. I have money problems too; I’m not going to risk your life for cash.
Kim: Shit man, MD is going lose his mind when he finds out about what you did.
Mickey: I did the right thing Kim, I’m a good pimp.
Kim: What? This guy could of made are year. He was filthy rich. I already message MD online about of what you did.
Mickey: Kenny was a psychopath, Kim.
Kim: I have never been with a guy that was normal. So what if he was a little mean and nerdy.
Mickey: You’re an idiot, I just saved you! Kenny is a communist gangster.
Kim: You judgmental kid, I don’t have time for this crap, I got a paper to right. Don’t you take the same bus as me!
Mickey: I’m just going to walk home, public transportation sucks any ways. Goodbye Kim.

Kim: No you’re not going home. MD just message me back, he said meet him in the alley behind Chubby Chicken in down town Hardwood.
Mickey: Alright, shit. That place is like five blocks away, I’m going to just run it over there.

The Business

Today I wasn’t a very successful pimp. I made a mistake by saving my co worker name Kim, from being killed from a communist psychopath. The problem was that he was a really rich bastard. Right now I’m running to meet up with my boss, MD to talk about it. I hope he is not super mad at me. Or worse he may try and pimp slap my face.
Dig it or shit
Text Chat

25 minutes ago MD @MD69: How it going Kimie girl?

5 minutes ago Kim Lee @Kim133: MD, Mickey is not working out. He stop the he screwed up, so bad that it is getting me sick. My head hurts MD; I don’t think I could do this anymore. Why did you get a dumb paper boy to help us?
4 minutes ago MD @MD69: Relax Kim. Is Mickey with you right now?
4 minutes ago Kim Lee @Kim133: Yah, his disrespectful ass is here.
4 minutes ago MD @MD69: Good ok, I want you to tell Mickey to meet me in the alley behind Chubby Chicken in down town Hardwood. Kim I’ll fix this ok.
1 minutes ago Kim Lee @Kim133: Kenny was really rich MD; he had gold in his hotel room. He told us he withdrew all his gold from Grook bank. Imagine that, MD.
Now minutes ago MD @MD69: No way, Kim. Please don’t tell me anymore because I had good feeling Kenny was going to be a great client, when I found him. I knew that fool was rich because he had bunch of body guards walking around him.
Now minutes ago Kim Lee @Kim133: We were so close in hitting it big, but Mickey ruined everything, MD. I could have fully paid off all of my student loans and you could have done whatever you like to do.
Now minutes ago MD @MD69: No really please don’t tell me. I believe in moving on because I hate thinking about busts it will drive me crazy. Is Mickey on his way running toward me, Kim?
Now minutes ago Kim Lee @Kim133: Yes, he’s running over there now. I got paper to do today, so don’t message me for like three 3 hours. I also need to study for my drone midterm.
Now minutes ago MD @MD69: Oh shit, he just showed up. This kid.
Kim Lee @Kim133 Log off ________________________________________________________________

When I finally showed up behind the alley I saw MD. He didn’t look, so happy to see me. He is sitting on top of a dumpster rubbing his head in disappointment.
Mickey: MD let me tell you what happen, before you make your judgment.
MD: Kim already told me what happen. Honestly Mickey I can’t even look at you, man.
Mickey: I had to do what I did because Kim could have got hurt or killed.
MD: Kim didn’t tell me she was in danger. I understand Mickey because I know Kim
could be hard to work with sometimes. I believe you, Mickey. When I first saw you, I could tell you had a lot of street smarts. Streets smarts keeps you alive.
Mickey: Totally man, I’m just trying to be a good pimp, but she hates on me for doing the right thing.
MD: Mickey, believe me you can’t win anything with these women. It’ best to be like alright and whatever, you know be like in a zombie state.
Mickey: I’m glad you believe me. Sorry how things turn out, MD.
MD: It’s cool man. Even though you didn’t do anything wrong. I still have to punish you for business reason.
Mickey: What why?
MD: A couple of minutes ago Kim was talking about quitting because of you. I have to show her I punished you, so she won’t leave.
What the heck is that old pimp planning to do to me?
Mickey: What’s going to happen?
MD: Sorry Mickey, I have to suspend you for two weeks. This is the only way I could keep you without firing you.
Mickey: This is all bull crap MD! Why am I being toss under the bus?
MD: That was the only choose I had or I would be a pimp with zero ho’s.
Mickey: What about Jenny, MD?
MD: She does not want to work anymore because the Mark Jr. guy is cyber stalking her on Dig it or shit Mark Jr. been saying his madly in love with Jenny and he hired three of his dads detectives, to find Jenny.
Mickey: Is this a common thing to happen, MD.
MD: The stalking yes, but not the detective part. I have no idea how to deal with detectives.
Mickey: Seriously this is insane, Mark Jr. most have way to much free time. What’s your plan, MD?
MD: I don’t have one, just make money.
Mickey: Think about MD, Mark’s detectives must be searching for both us too.
MD: All I want to think about is my money and business, Mickey. I don’t have time to
worry about this shit.
Mickey: I’m just pointing out a future potential threat.
MD: I already have too much to worry about, Mickey. I owe the cops and the Grump street gang a lot of money this month. I need to find a client fast for cash or I’m dead.
Mickey: How did you get that type of problem?
MD: It’s our problem, Mickey. Do you think a pimp makes money on the streets for free? I have to bribe the Hardwood PD and Grump Street gang every month to operate in their city.
Mickey: That really sucks; even a pimp has to pay taxes. How much do you pay those guys?
MD: The cops make 45% and the Grump gang makes15% of my earnings in every gig. I also have to pay them $2,000 each once on the second week in every month, if I have a slow week it does not matter I still have to pay them. I e-mail them both my bank info every day, so they can know my income.
Mickey: Maybe if you make a new bank account to hide your money, which would be a good way to throw them off track.
MD: No, it’s not smart to mess with these guys, they are not stupid.
Mickey: There must be a way around it.
MD: Please stop, even talking about this may get us shot up. Just don’t even worry about it, Mickey.
Mickey: Ok, my bad.
MD: Alright man, I got to go know, Mickey. I need to find new clients, before Kim’s night classes’ start. I got you something.
MD handed me five hundred dollar and a five dollar Chubby Chicken coupon.
MD: Good luck and good bye. See you again in two weeks, Mickey. Don’t get shoot walking back home, man.
Mickey: Thanks, back at you.
After my short talk with MD I return to my apartment dorm. When I walk in the living room I smelled fresh cheesy pizza. I saw my mom eating one slice of pizza down on the dirty kitchen floor.
Mickey: Mom, you’re heart is weak. Why are you out of bed?

Mom: I thought it would be good to eat something nice. Happy I order us a yummy pizza?
Mickey: I am happy you got pizza, but I wish there would be some toppings on it. I’m still thankful. Hey mom, I have an idea in paying all the bills this month. You should take some money from my college fund.
Mom: Sorry, I already spent all the college money, when agent Kevin fined me $5,000 dollars two days ago. How was work today?
Mickey: I did not have any work today, mom.
Mom: That’s great; it’s good to take a break for once. Did Mr. Richards finally give you a day off?
Mickey: No, not really. I’m not working for insurance reasons my boss told me, the other day. There was a fire in the Grook Bank tower a couple of days ago.
Mom: Oh my, that’s where you work every day, baby. Why did you not tell me?
Mickey: Because I don’t want you to get hurt, mom. Your heart can’t handle stuff like that.
Mom: Come on and sit down and join me and eat, before the pizza gets cold. Things will get better soon.
Mickey: Now, Mr. Richards looking for a new place to relocate me soon, so I’ll get back to work soon. Did agent Kevin show up here again?
Mom: Agent Kevin called and said he was coming, but called back and canceled. Mickey, there was a man earlier today wearing a black trench coat asking for you.
Mickey: Really? What did this guy say, mom? Please tell me.
Mom: He asks, does Mickey Jones live here? I said yes, then he said thank you and he left. It was seem really strange.
That man must be one of Marks father’s private investigators. Shit, his detectives are really fast. I wonder if they already found Jenny and MD yet.
Mickey: The man was a Hardwood Post worker that wanted to hand me my pay check. I saw the guy you where talking about on the street today and he gave me five hundred dollars. It was money payroll forgot to give me a month ago, better late than never.
Mom: That’s great. I’ll write the grocery list after I rest.
I don’t like to lie, but I just did to protect her. She can’t find out about me being a kid
pimp. A private investigator wants something with me. What’s my next move? What do I do? Thing are getting more complex faster than I thought.
Mom: Grab a chair and have some pizza, with your old mommy, It’s still warm.
Mickey: Sorry, I’m not very hungry for pizza. I got to leave right now.
Mom: But you just got back here, baby.
Mickey: I need to go to the Hardwood Post and talk to someone about something. Save some pizza for me when I come back.
Mom: Ok, be careful. I’m going to go back to sleep soon, so don’t open the front door fast when you come back. Every time I hear a loud noise I think it’s someone is trying to break in. You do know we don’t live in a safe neighborhood?
Mickey: Goodnight, mom, love you.
I left the apartment and went on the bus to the Hardwood Post. When I entered the main lobby I saw Mr. Richards waiting for me. He looks very uneasy.
Mr. Richards: Mickey, go over here I need to talk to you, hurry.
He pointed me to talk to him in the employee break room. Then he locked the door and look out the window.
Mr. Richards: What did you do? Are you mad at me?
Mickey: What’s wrong, Mr. Richards? I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Mr. Richards: Please, don’t act like you don’t know. There was a fed asking about you an hour ago. Now he is upstairs searching my files and documents for god knows what. Tell me what is going on, I’m freaking out.
Should I lie to my scumbag boss? Ok I will. I need the money he owes me.
Mickey: I hired him because you have not been paying me.
Mr. Richards: What the hell, Mickey. Why would a fed listen to you. I’ve been playing ball, publishing state run and corporate interest articles for years. How could someone turn on me? This is bullshit.
Mickey: I have government connections, Mr. Richards. I want you to mail my check to me and I will call my agent off.
Mr. Richards: No way, you’re poor. Only guys like me playing the game, have that type of political power.
Mickey: Unless you don’t want me to use my connections to replace with another media figurehead. I suggest you pay me the money you owe me.
Mr. Richards: Your lying, Mickey. I work in media; I could give and see a good lie.
Mickey: Are sure you want to risk your whole puppet newspaper company, over a couple of a hundred dollars?
Mr. Richard: Ok, whatever fine, Mickey you got it. I’m too busy for this shit anyways. Today Past child star, Kathy Marsh, almost OD in a night club.
It was pretty funny to see my cocky boss be a little sacredly cat for a moment. Lying got me the money he owed me. The power of lying could be very helpful sometimes. I think being a pimp is starting to give me some guts.
Mickey: Thank you sir.
Mr. Richard: You most of grown balls over night, kid. Now get that fed’s ass out of my building. I can’t think when he’s snooping around the place.
I walk up stairs to the press room to find Mark Jr. father’s private investigator. The investigator was on top of a copy machine planting seemed to be a spy camera. He most of been the same private investigator my mom met. He was wearing the same black trench coat.
Mickey: Hey you! I’m right here detective. You could stop looking. I found you first; you’re not going to get a jump on me. Mark Jr. sent you to get me.
He looks like he was in shocked, when he saw me. I guess he did not know Mark Jr. stupidly tip me and MD off about him, on Dig it or shit He was a tall old man with bushy eyebrows.
Henry: Hello my name is Henry. That’s right I’ve been sent here to schedule a meeting between you and Mr. Mark. I am an ex FBI investigator working for the Flex family.
Mickey: Let’s go right now. I need to tell him to stop harassing my friend, Jenny.
Henry: So you admit you work with the pimp name MD?
This guy is pretty smart; he got info on me in the first seconds in talking to me.
Mickey: Shut up. Let’s go I need to talk to him.
Henry: Alright young man, I’ll drive you over there. I hope Mr. Mark Jr. awake to talk to you. It’s still really early in the morning. You may have to wait a couple of hours in the living room.
Mickey: I don’t care, let’s go already.
We got into his car and he driven me to the Flex Family beach house. The beach house was three hours out of Hardwood, near Dingo Peer and Sea Dang docks. Detective Henry had driven me up the sandy shore, and then he open my door. I see one small humble little beach house.
Mickey: Is that little beach house where Mark Jr. is?
Henry: Yes.
Mickey: Why is the whole beach so empty?
Henry: Oh, because this is private property, the Flex family owns this part of the beach, so don’t even think about building a sandcastle here, unless you want security to beat you into a bloody pulp.
Mickey: That sucks because this place is really beautiful.
Henry: The thing that truly sucks is that taxpayer pay to keep this place clean. I got to go kid, good luck getting back home. I need to take a nap.
Mickey: Wait a minute, Henry. How could you work for the Flex family? They are really horrible and rotten, people. Mark Jr. is a moron.
Henry: It’s simple Mickey, I’ll give you two reasons. First, when I’d work for the FBI, I sucked in writing papers. Second, Money talks, man. Now get out of my car, I got to go.
Mickey: OK.
I walked to the beach house and open the door. When I first walked in I just got blasted with an odor of weed. First person I see is Mark Jr. sitting on a white leather couch. There are two other private investigator wearing black trench coats. I could not see the investigator faces because they were hidden in a dark room. It creep’s me out a big time.
Mickey: Hey, you two guys come out of the shadows. Show yourself or I’ll leave!
Mark Jr.: Sit down! Mickey, I need to talk to you about your pimp friend name MD.
Mickey: Alright then, just tell these investigators to show them self’s or I’ll leave.
Mark Jr.: Ignore them, Mickey Jones. There here to stay, ok.
Mickey: At least turn on the lights or open a window.
Mark Jr.: Shut up and listen to me, kid. You’re here because I have a deal for you.
Mickey: Wow, you’re completely different when you’re not balls to the walls drugged.

One the black trench coat investigator
slams the door behind me, and then he locks it.
Mark Jr.: Ha, ready to make a deal, Mickey Jones? I’m a serious man.

The Deal

Mark Jr., look’s likes he hasn’t slept in days. This time he is not dress up as a business man, instead he as cheesy Hawaiian T-shirt.
Mark Jr.: You and that pimp destroyed my life do you know that. My father is ashamed of