Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Most Buys John K Presents: Spumco Comic Book

                                       Most Buys, John K Presents: Spumco Comic Book
 Todays most buy is, John K Presents: Spumco Comic Book. I saw this big ass comic book at my local comic book store "Comics Vs Toys"  in Eagle Rock Almost everyday for two months i thought of buying it, So i did  a month ago. I Just had to because am such a fan of Ren and Stimpy. I really dig the crazy humor and art style. The Price is pretty great for all the stuff you get, before  thought it would 50 bucks, but it was $34.99, also you could buy it cheaper at Amazone.com for $27.13. The big comic has 185 comic pages of greatness and more. I really do think  this comic book is a perfect gift for Valentine's day.
by John Kricfalusi (Author, Illustrator) , Shane Glines (Illustrator)
Looks great with color and black and white.

IDW Publishing and Yoe books did such a great in reprinting this gem of the 90's. 



Sunday, January 26, 2014

Car Explosion in Cal Arts!

The California Institute of the Arts, colloquially called CalArts, is a private university located in Valencia.
   Car Explosion happen Jan 25, 2014 near the dorms Just outside Chouinard Hall at Cal Arts, about 8:30pm. Video taken from Youtuber

Madeleine Mathis
Madeleine Mathis

The Art of Michael David Gutierrez

Courtney Love

Michael Gutierrez Security Job resume

       Hello my name is Michael Gutierrez. I have been working freelance security with  CSC-corporation service company all most a year. Right now in my life i just want a security job in one place, rather than random freelance places.

Contact info: (323) 434-8338                      Email: michaelgutierrez1017@gmail.com
 By working everywhere in Los Angeles and once in a blue moon San Diego, Plus San Francisco, I believe i have gain a lot of people skills in my career being a security guard, also i have a good work ethic and like to talk to people. I've been working as a security guard for 2 1/2 years.

Here are some places events and venues have I have worked at  I have worked at 2013- 2015.

Hollywood bowl      LA Convention Center            LA Coliseum                      E3 2014
LA Sports Arena         Candlestick Park             USC Galen Center.            San Diego Comic Con
USC Campus             Hard Day of the Dead     USC: George w. bush Lecture   Disney concert hall
Rosebowl                     BCS Football 2014          Rosebowl 100th game
Grand Park               Kids Choice Awards 2014      LA Time's festival of books

I know the majority of jobs I listed deals with crowd management and event security,  I do have a lot experience in guarding buildings and equipment in over night and day. I also have a history of doing security for big commercials.

The Reason why i became a Security Guard.

For a long time in the past i would always pick up my mom from her job at Vons, after work. She felt protect because i am a tall big guy,so the creeps in the neighborhood wont bother us.  My mom would joke with her Vons co workers i was her own personal security Guard. She told me i would be perfect for the job. Thats where i got the idea to go in this line of work.

In the next 5 years I hope to be a great author. Almost every night before I go to sleep, I like  to type up story with my own original characters. I really hope I could maybe turn it into career instead of a hobby. I already got two art books publish through Amazon digital.

                                                      Certificates of training

Security guard of arrest and weapons of mass destruction

Advanced crowd control

Emergency response          

Handling difficult people

Preserving the scene

Security professional

De-escalation Techniques

Protecting the security officer


Workplace violence

Security officer safety

Workplace essentials

Power to arrest review