Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Most Buys John K Presents: Spumco Comic Book

                                       Most Buys, John K Presents: Spumco Comic Book
 Todays most buy is, John K Presents: Spumco Comic Book. I saw this big ass comic book at my local comic book store "Comics Vs Toys"  in Eagle Rock Almost everyday for two months i thought of buying it, So i did  a month ago. I Just had to because am such a fan of Ren and Stimpy. I really dig the crazy humor and art style. The Price is pretty great for all the stuff you get, before  thought it would 50 bucks, but it was $34.99, also you could buy it cheaper at Amazone.com for $27.13. The big comic has 185 comic pages of greatness and more. I really do think  this comic book is a perfect gift for Valentine's day.
by John Kricfalusi (Author, Illustrator) , Shane Glines (Illustrator)
Looks great with color and black and white.

IDW Publishing and Yoe books did such a great in reprinting this gem of the 90's. 



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