Tuesday, July 23, 2013


                      Here is a short funny film i was in this spring.

19 THE CONFERENCE PCC 72 Hour Film Scholarship 2013   YouTube

For the consideration of PCC Faculty and Staff Judges:
1. Best Actor, Axel Dominguez (Skinny intern, blue shirt)
2. Best Actor, Edgar Sanchez (walks in and ask if anyone wants pizza)
3. Best Actor, Michael Gutierrez (The boss who comes out in the beginning and end)

Requirements that each film had to follow:
1. Must have a scene, with dialogue, with the Pasadena City College C building in the background for at least 15 seconds.
2. You must also have the line "Rome wasn't built in a day" somewhere in the film. If it is not spoken, it must appear for at least 15 seconds, and it cannot be a subtitle.

Axel Dominguez
Edgar Sanchez
Oscar Rios

PCC 72 Hour Film Scholarship 2013

Hosted by the Finance Committee
Andrew Kane Bott
Vice President for Business Affairs
Associated Students of Pasadena City College

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