Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stephen Holman's LIFE WITH LOOPY exhibition at the HIVE GALLERY

Attention Stop-Motion Animation, 90s Nickelodeon and StephenHolmanArt fans!

Back in the Golden Age of Nickelodeon TV there once ran a show called KABLAM! and on that show was a surreal, stop-motion animation series called LIFE WITH LOOPY(which I created, directed, wrote and designed).  Loopy ran for 4 seasons (1996-2000), and was a much-loved example of 90s cool, freaky, kids tv culture.

This Saturday October 5th (8pm - 11pm) the Hive Gallery will be celebrating all that is Loopy with an exhibition devoted to the series! Cool stuff on display (and in many cases on sale) will include original pre-production drawings from the show, photographs from the production, episode screenings, a new original LOOPY PAINTING created especially for the exhibit, (plus a VERY LIMITED, SIGNED GICLEE PRINT - see below). PLUS on Opening Night and Artwalk night ONLY, Loopy animation director JOSEPHINE HUANG and I will be bringing in the original STOP-MOTION PUPPETS from the series to show in person.

(And if that's still not cool enough for ya, the Loopy extravaganza is just part of a whole RAY HARRYHAUSEN-themed show at the Hive this month featuring artists inspired by the stop-motion animation legend whose Jason and the Argonauts movie was the reason I got into stop-mo in the first place.)

Hope to see you all (especially any of you who may have worked on the show!) this Saturday 8-11pm or on Downtown Artwalk night the following Thursday! 

Hive Gallery 729, S.Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 

"LIFE WITH LOOPY" signed, limited Giclee print. Edition of 30. Printed on thick Hahnemuhle paper 14" x 11".  On sale at the show, priced $40. 


"ENDYMION"  20" diameter, acrylic on canvas. The first in a series of Greek Myth paintings. Rather pleased with this one. Please contact me if you wish to purchase. It will be on display at my Hive Gallery salon this Saturday and next Thursday on art walk night.


"THE MOUSE JUGGLER", my latest limited edition print is now available. There will only be FIFTY prints made of this image - all signed and numbered - and once they are sold, the run will be discontinued. The print paper size is 17" x 22", with white borders around the central image.  NB The original painting is now sold and will be exhibited in Taipei later this year.

COST: $80 unframed (inc. p&p)
             $120 framed (only available at my Hive Gallery shop - please order in advance)

Orders can be made via PAYPAL by using this email address - or in person at my Hive Gallery Salon (but please contact me ahead of time if you choose the latter option). This print is not presently available on my website.

lotsa love!!
Stephen Holman

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