Monday, August 19, 2013

My Kick-Ass 2 Review

         I have to say i am a big fan of superhero movies. Sadly not a lot of this year, such as Man of Steel or Iron Man 3, i will be Redboxing those movies. One movie i could not wait for all year was Kick-Ass 2. I was, so crazy to see it i, just had to take pictures, also just had to see the movie on opening day of course.
        The Kick-Ass 2 is not as good as the first, but it is still a must see. It is such a love letter to geeky, hipster, nerds, just like Scott Pilgrim.
        The fight scenes are really well filmed. I found my self moving my fist when Kick-Ass was fighting thugs. The story was not 100%  the same as the comic, for example Hit-Girl was sent to prison in the end. From that part not happening i wonder, if there will be Kick-Ass 2, it did not look like it.
     I really dislike the hole step dad subplot and him telling Hit-Girl can't be Hit-Girl, that was really a drag. Hit-Girl going to high school was funnest parts of the movie. There was one great scene where Hit-Girl got back at her bullies, by getting them to throw up and poop them self.
      A moment i still find infamous was not a super vilolent, it was when Hit-Girl show her feelings to Kick-Ass by Kissing him. Then she said it was her first kiss. The movie had romance between in the beginning, but it was still a shooking scene to see.
     Jim Carry did a great job playing Stars and Stripes, but i wish he stayed longer in the film.
Out of everyone in the movie felt that the villain aka the Mother-Fucker was the star. He had the most dark, but some how funny scenes. I can't wait until for the movie to come out on dvd, so i could watch a dozen times just like the first on.



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