Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rule-Breaker comic part 2

The cover of part two.

                                                    Looks it is a trap for Rule-Breaker

      Hey get over here kid, the scary big man said. We want to talk about the case we are giving you he said.

Another scary man comes out and tells Rule- Breaker to sit down, so he could listen. Rule-Breaker demands to know what is happening. They taken out Trouble-Maker to threaten Rule-Breaker.
                                               Rule-Breaker ranting get even more louder.

                                                   Now they are looking in the face of death.

                                          The scary mean faint Trouble-Maker to make a point.

                                 Rule-Breaker still wont listen, so they knock him out hard.

The scary men are laughing of they did. One them found Rule-Breakers spy recorder. Main leader comes out glad to see Rule-Breaker is still breathing.


The main leader of the scary men tells awake Trouble-Maker he need there help to find a sailor.
I will give you the cat name Lola, if you find the sailor name Maxwell. He did not tell him nothing more of why  Maxwell, so important. Everything is still pretty secret still.

                       He wants them to team up with Kiki. She will protect you boys, he said.

                                            Yes, or you die here the scary man said.

 Afraid Trouble-Maker agrees to help to find the sailor name Maxwell. Rule-Breaker is dis pointed of Trouble-Maker for giving in.


They are awaiting for the boat to pick them up. Kiri, tells Rule-Breaker she is calling the shots.

     The trio is surprise how small the boat is. The talking bird is telling them to get on the boat.  

Even though Rule-Breaker does not what to help, he does wounder what journey  lies ahead.

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