Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Colorado Street Bridge (Pasadena, California)

The Colorado Street Bridge was designed and built in 1913 by the firm of Waddell & Harrington, based in Kansas CityMissouri. The structure carries Colorado Boulevard (then called "Colorado Street"), the major east-west thoroughfare connecting Pasadena with Eagle Rock and Glendale to the west, and with Monrovia to the east.

"Suicide Bridge"

During the early part of the twentieth century, the Colorado Street Bridge became known locally as "Suicide Bridge", after dozens of people leapt to their deaths. A barrier was installed in an effort to deter suicides, but the bridge retained its nickname. To this day, some still use the bridge as a means to end their lives. For example, on October 27, 2015, British-American model and reality television starSam Sarpong committed suicide by jumping from the bridge.[3]

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